Chikitsak, as the word suggests, refers to the world of health and hygiene. Socks are directly related to our body and have a huge impact on our health, hence, it is important to go for the right choice. This category offers you the HEALTH SOCKS. These socks are the best defense for foot odor, orthopedic problems, foot blisters etc. There are numerous styles of health socks available like compression socks, socks infused with Aloe Vera, socks for diabetic people and many more. These socks are for everyone!

Know why  these are important for you:

  • Fold down loose top without elastic (suitable for diabetic people)
  • Seamless Toe (the stitch neither protrudes nor hurts your toes)
  •  Ventilated side panels for better air circulation
  • Specially designed heel to fit contours of your foot
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