That's All Folks!

This is an amalgamation of the best in-house socks we have in store at Mora Moja. From the simplistic beauty of Chèques knit in Shatranj to the fast paced world of game culture through Kalaa Riwaaz, Mora Moja is set to define a new line of genre in the socks industry. We have a variety of themed socks that will brighten up your wardrobe and your style game. We have a range of themes to choose from: Akaar Niraakar (Geometry figures/shapes), Melkhana (Mixed up designs), Adwitya Chinh (Simple symbols), Singh Rajya (Wildlife), Indra dhanush (Stripes), Pyramids, Kalaa Riwaaz and finally Shatranj. Why go the boring old traditional way of socks when you can discover from thousands of cool and amazing options at Mora Moja!

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